Thursday, October 06, 2005

Semapedia Tagged Photos

Semapedia, is the combination of Wikipedia (the Internet dictionary contributed by users) and Semacode (the 2d code physical world hyperlink company).

Look at a Fedex or UPS package (and now USPS stamps) and you'll see those 2d codes playing a bigger role in information retrieval.

The idea is that users "tag" physical locations with a Semacode and "attach" a Wikipedia article that pertains/describes the physical world item/location.

Slowly, but surely, all physical items will have a physical world hyperlink and cell phones will be able to click on them for more information thru the Internet. A Physical world hyperlink could be one that is placed on the object (a Semacode) or one that is already there (barcode, RFID tag, symbol, logo).

Any image or identifier that a mobile phone can resolve, can be a direct connection to the Internet for more info.

I thought Pondering Primate readers would like to see how the Semapedia project is going.

You can check out the "tagging" process with this flickr site

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