Sunday, January 08, 2006

Are You Ready To Know?

What is "Ready to know"? Also known as a prosumer.

Demanding consumers are in a constant 'Ready To

Go, READY-TO-KNOW' state of mind, expecting any information deemed relevant to be available instantly, at their own terms. The latter is crucial: we're talking pull here, not push.

Expect to see more click-and-know, more point-and-know, more text-and-know, more touch-and-know and more snap-and-know than ever before

Sounds a lot like what mobile marketing is trying to achieve.

How will they get this info? With a physical world hyperlink. has a fantastic article on the benefits of physical world connection. It covers text messaging to 2d code, bar codes and RFID tags as a way to get information about products services.

As the article states "there is NO information overload".

If you haven't subscribed to their free trendwatching newsletter , what are you waiting for?

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