Thursday, January 05, 2006

If At First You Don't Succeed

Every time I see a story that criticizes the CueCat, I imagine Robert Adler chuckles a little, all the way to the bank.

Here's another story calling this the worst invention ever. I disagree.

The worst idea since the CueCat
NO, it was the wrong device for this application. I don't think anyone doubts how big and how many applications will come from connecting the physical world to the digital one will be.

I bet Robert Adler wouldn't call the Lazy Bones the worst idea. It is what gave him the idea that is in just about every home in the World.

Imagine having a cable run from your TV directly through your living room, how ugly is that.

So next time somebody knocks the CueCat, just remember we are one step closer to connecting the physical world. Be thankful Robert Adler didn't listen to to Lazy Bones critics.

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