Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pondering With Sprint

I received an email from Sprint this week asking me to be a part of the Sprint Ambassador Program. They read the Pondering Primate and asked if I would try out their high speed Power Vision service with a free phone( Samsung A920) and service for 6 months.

All they ask is that I give feedback (but not required) to Sprint directly.

Hmm, new toy, no charges and fast speeds. That's a tough offer to accept.

Here's what I see. They will be putting their top gadget in the hands of people that can spread the word the fastest. When I go to conferences and meet with other companies in the mobile space, what phone and service will I have with me?

The other thing I see is companies with new mobile applications aking me to try out their services. I'm sure my name has now been sold to the biggest mobile marketing companies and maybe to even some application guys. There has to be a link between Sprint and these companies.

So if you have a mobile application and you want me to try it out, send me an email.

Sprint must be pretty confident with their Power Vision service. This will either be a VERY smart move on their part or will take some effort to repair the image depending on the performance.


Anonymous said...

Take it.


Xen Dolev said...
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Xen Dolev said...

Sounds like a very smart move. By offering the mobile for free and knowing that most probable answer would be accepting it, they make you a moving ad. And even better, an ad placed among the target market.

Another thought here, what about personalization? Your mobile externalizes your personality… so are you a Samsung A920 kind of guy? :-)