Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mobile Adult Content Congress

I will be attending the Mobile Adult Content Congress Conference today in Miami.

The mobile content industry (porn) was the first industry to generate revenues from Internet content. I feel very confident they will repeat this feat for mobile. I am sure there will be lots of physical world applications here.

Greg Fitzsimmons said “The Internet was completely funded by porn". It's an old joke (but is valuable) that every new technology is driven by porn.

Rob Enderle, a tech industry analyst, said that technology and pornography have an interdependent relationship that tech pundits don't often acknowledge.

"So much of the technology that we're using now for less risqué purposes had its origins in porn," said Enderle, who pointed to online "streaming video" as one major example of a technology that was driven by porn in its early days. What will be the app this time? I think I know.

Some of the companies I hope to speak to include Virgin Mobile (a creative wireless provider), Playboy (one of the biggest adult content database), Bango (mobile content/billing), Xobile and their LeapScan (links barcodes to the Internet), Stripe Media (content), oh.TV (Adult Mobile TV)NSFW

The company that best depicts the physical world connection is Xobile with their LeapScan application. LeapScan turns your camera phone into a personal barcode scanner. Point your camera phone at a LeapScan code and get a movie trailer or go to a Website.

Take that idea and apply it to regular movies. See the opportunity for a BlockBuster Video or any movie studio now?

I hope to get an idea of how these other companies will be/ are including the physical world connection application into their mobile applications.


Larry said...

PP Will you be posting images from your qwest for the best barcode app. Should be interesting place to PONDER. GET ER DONE for all of us.

Scott Shaffer said...

I will post(and take pics) of all the PWC apps I see.

I will also explain to these companies how they can utilize all sorts of identifiers (barcodes, 2d codes and a couple others I will soon list) to generate exciting new mobile business opportunities.

If any industry is creative and forward-thinking on physical world connection, this is the one.