Thursday, January 19, 2006

Buy Movie Tickets With Mobile And Barcode

This is an example of a barcode being sent to your mobile and then being scanned. Physical world connection in reverse where a physiccal world hyperlink gets created.

I like the technology, but I don't know how useful it will be. I see many other applications where receiving a barcode would benefit both the consumer and the advertiser.

From PR Newswire Mobile phone users buy and receive movie tickets through Mobile Box Office

To use the service, moviegoers
navigate to on their mobile phones and follow prompts to browse and buy movie tickets.

After making a show selection and secure credit card transaction, moviegoers receive an electronic, bar-coded ticket on their mobile phones, which is scanned for entry at the theater.

I give these guys credit for implementing an m-commerce app along with a barcode, but I think there are bigger applications for this.

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Zulkhairi said...

I have not tried mbo, but the one i tried was cumbersome in the sense that the handphone OS are not standardize. I need to identify first my handphone brand by models. Otherwise, the image will not be accurately generated.