Friday, January 06, 2006

Motorola Uses Google For Mobile Search

I think this says a lot about the mobile user. By putting an icon on the phone will make people use the Web more for search?

Motorola plans to launch mobile phones with a Google search icon, as the world's number-two cell-phone maker looks to ride the web search giant's popularity among Internet users to boost handset sales.

Motorola is hoping the Google-carrying phones will win it increased orders from mobile operators which have struggled to increase data revenues, especially on third-generation mobile networks that allow high-speed web access.

Mobile operators are relying on search as a way to increase ARPU (avg rev per user)? Wow, they are disconnected with the consumer. There are dozens of other applications that could increase ARPU much faster than a Google search icon.

In my opinion the 4INFO search window that is going on Nokia phones will get much more traction than the Google icon.

Consumer trials with Google-carrying phones had shown that the power of the search giant's brand had significantly increased access to the web using mobiles.

What happens when these "icon pushers" realize that searching on mobile phone isn't the same experience as using their PC?

Some application should come along and start the mobile Web similar to what AOL did for the Net. Make it user friendly in order to get mass adoption. Steve Case where are you when we need you.


Anonymous said...

Google and Motorola are not talking about adding an icon to a screen. They are talking about a physical button on the phone. I think that trumps 4info.

No Name said...

Retuters reports "Motorola plans to launch mobile phones with a Google search icon"

If you are correct and Mot adds a button on the phone, yes that would trump in terms of connection.

I disagree though on what results users will like.

Search on the mobile is not search it's info. Trying to use Google on a mobile is frustrating to say the least.

I very rarely use Google and use 4INFO all the time. It's geared more towards a mobile user. The only thing that Google has over 4INFO is a mapping tool.