Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Is BPL Really The Triple Play ?

Remember how Google and Goldman Sachs invested $100m in Current Communications, a broadband over the powerline player?

So ask yourself, could BPL (broadband over the powerline) be not only THE answer to, but BE the triple play? Voice ,video and data to be delivered via DSP, Cable and BPL.

See today's news where a Large Investor-Owned Utility initiated a pilot program for BPL. If you dig, you can figure out who the utility is. Hint it rhymes with Luke.

Imagine every outlet in the office and home being a broadband connection.

You are starting to see another piece of the Google puzzle.
Thoughts, comments?


Larry said...

I am in the test area

Larry said...

I am surprised they just annouced it today. TXU released it back in DEC.

Scott Shaffer said...

Think what happens when the other 75% of the population gets broadband.

Now...did you ever think your utility company could be an internet service provider??