Friday, January 06, 2006

Google Sees The Mobile Light

I find myself listening more to what the guys at Google envision than what Bill Gates and crew are saying. It looks like Google is finally realizing mobile is where the future lies.

A couple of highlights from Google's Eric Schmidt yesterday:

He believes that in the future mobile devices will be where consumers access the Internet most often.

"People are going to spend all their time on it eventually," said Schmidt, referring to the mobile Internet. He expects that much of that usage will come from the combination of phones that can pinpoint user location with its localized search software.

Here's the next billion dollar revenue generator for Google. Do you think Microsoft has even thought of this yet?


Anonymous said...

The Google Think Tank wakes up.
Can't help but think they read the Pondering Primate---a tip of the Hatlo Hat to you.
Let's not rule out the home and the cell as some kind of quasi entertainment combination.

Anonymous said...

The Motorola and Google announcement of one touch access to Google and gps enabled localization is WOW. This could be sea change, but how will carriers react. Will they want to sell such phones that blow up what's left of the walls around the garden.

Scott Shaffer said...

A quote that really hit the mark from CEO of Google

"Google’s CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt was his prediction that the mobile phone will become Google’s largest platform, eclipsing the PC. Those are tall words for a man who’s made billions from PC users"

Want to know what I would do to close the door on Microsoft now?

Larry said...

I dont know PP but based on what was released by all the parties at CES I would say Yahoo is the one who is "getting it" first.

Anonymous said...

Close the deal in Florida....