Sunday, January 29, 2006

Google Won't Share With Wireless Carriers

There are a couple problems that all mobile marketing companies face that PC advertisers don't.

Internet advertising on a PC doesn't care what browser you use, what type of computer you have, or what internet provider you connect with. With mobile, service provider, operating systems and handsets are big obstacles in delivering advertising.

From Sunday Times Mobiles covet Google success

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN are pitching their ads to an audience of “only” 1 billion personal-computer users. There are already more than 2 billion mobile-phone users in the world, and over the next few years far more will go online via the mobile internet rather than the PC.

Mobile-phone companies, therefore, see an opportunity to create a hugely profitable new medium for advertising and e-commerce. The mobile firms have some advantages over Google and Yahoo in choosing which ads to serve up. They know where their customers are; what they spend; and have a billing relationship with them.

Google was after a bigger slice of an advertising pie worth billions — a pie that fixed- line telecoms companies had already surrendered. “They have no incentive to operate with the carriers. I don’t see Google sharing revenues with BT or Deutsche Telekom”...Dan Olschwang CEO of Jumptap

Unless they become their own wireless carrier.

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