Monday, January 09, 2006

Physical World Hyperlink- An Advertiser's Dream

The mainstream media is starting to recognize the potential of physcial world connection using a mobile phone now.

Colorzip, a physical world connection company gets media coverage.

Newsweek Magazine reportsUsing color codes to browse the Web

Imagine you're sitting in your favorite cafe when something in the business pages catches your eye. That company you're reading about sounds intriguing. So you take out your mobile phone and focus the camera lens on a small splotch of color embedded in the corner of the article. Suddenly the phone's screen is displaying real-time stock prices and up-to-the-minute company headlines.

Among advertisers there's a nagging sense that the online world is still too disconnected from more traditional media, like print.

Colorzip's idea is to build on the pros of bar codes while shedding the cons. The intricate structure of bar codes makes them hard to read; scanners have to be close and precise.

Unlike a data-heavy bar code, all a Colorzip code communicates when it's scanned is an index, a pathway to content stored on a server. That links the reading device to the desired content

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