Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Flight Status Via SMS

With more airline tickets being purchased online, I wouldn't be surprised to see all the major carriers start to offer this. Indirectly this is a mobile marketing application.

From Brownsville Herald Airport adds text messaging service for customers

Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport has become the first airport in Texas — and one of only three between Michigan and Alabama — to offer text-messaging notification of flight status changes.

Travelers and those interested in flight arrivals and departures enter pager, cell phone or Blackberry contact information on the airport Web site.

If flights are delayed or their status otherwise changes, an electronic message will go out to those on the list.


Anonymous said...

interesting that this is described as airport service and not an airline service. I had heard previously about airline services in US and airport services in Europe (and Israel).

I see no mention of this on the airport's web site.

Xen Dolev said...

Well, it’s about time that flight status changes would be notified on real time by SMS... It has been for a few years now that universities notify students on class changes, new grades etc… via SMS. So how come other commercial companies haven’t given their customers that kind of service?