Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mobiqa Offers Mobile Barcodes On China

Mobiqa will provide physical world connection in China.

From Sunday Herald Mobiqa and TradeDot offer mobile barcodes in China

Under the distribution and licence agreement, Mobiqa will provide its mobile-phone software to register hundreds of thousands of people attending conferences and other events.

The contract with TradeDot, a conference and events specialist, will see Mobiqa’s mobile barcode tickets offered to 65,000 visitors at Hong Kong’s International Travel Expo in June, as well as other events across China.

Users will be able to gain admission and register attendance simply by having receptionists scan the barcode which appears on their mobile phone displays.

The company, founded by Ronnie Forbes three years ago, already has distribution deals in India, Thailand, and the Philippines and signed one in Malaysia this month.

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