Monday, January 30, 2006

Google Pontiac--- Google Keywords

How will Google be like AOL?

I saw a TV ad yesterday for Pontiac. At the end of the ad, it asked consumers to "Google Pontiac". A great idea but it got me pondering. Pontiac is using Google and their own trademark to direct connect a consumer.

Instead of saying "go to" they have simplified getting to a specific website to 2 clicks. Google, Pontiac.

Pontiac is clearly favoring one of the search engines over the others and I wonder if this will jeopardize their relationship with Yahoo, MSN etc.

What I can see is Google using this ad as a way to start a "direct connect" service. Maybe they could put a "Link" category or create a separate window for the user to be directly connected via a Google Keyword.

AOL does this with their "keyword" program. Notice the advertising AOL does now using the phrase "AOL Keyword XXXXX"? The problem is that AOL's keyword is only valuable to AOL users.

The "Google Keyword" can be used by EVERY web user, in EVERY Google application (Talk, Mobile, etc).

Google is entering into the print and radio biz. Why not use a Google Keyword for radio and print? A Pontiac ad in a magazine could have "Google Keyword: PONTIAC". Radio ad, "for more info use Google Keyword Pontiac". See the opportunities Google has here?

Some view this move by Pontiac as a way of using Google to power its brand, I see it as a new way to educate people to direct connect , simplify search, and create a new revenue application for Google

Do you think Google could create another revenue stream for direct connect keywords?

What are your comments?


Stan Wiechers said...

I saw these stickers for a while in new york using the same mechanism:

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