Friday, January 20, 2006

Mobile AdSense?

An interesting story fromMobileRead AdMob delivers pay-per-click mobile advertising Are we seeing the mobile version of Google's AdSense?

It's an old saying that there are no bad ideas. We beg to differ. AdMob is "the world's first pay-per-click mobile advertising marketplace" aimed at monetizing traffic going through mobile sites.
The company promises to "focus on finding high quality clients" and to split revenues with 75% going to the publisher and 25% to AdMob.

From their website:

Reach consumers right on their phone or• other mobile device.
• Target ads by region, manufacturer, platform,• and device capability.
• Personalize ads using device model number.
• Easily build a quick mobile 'MobPage' to reach • customers even if you don't have a mobile site.
• Pay only for the click throughs on your ad

Thoughts comments?


JPetroInc said...

Wow, this is impressive technology. Great coverage. I'b be curious to have you do a few follow ups to see how they are doing with their launch.

Rock On, JP

CEO said...

"the world's first pay-per-click mobile advertising marketplace"

World's first? Sorry but no cigar -- I've seen this, back in 2000-2002. Difference today is that adoption is different now -- good news is that today traction should be much better.