Friday, January 13, 2006

Hypertags Come To The US

Physical world connection player Hypertag continued their expansion into new markets, inlcuding the first campaign in the US.

Cingular wireless took advantage of infra-red and Bluetooth Hypertags with an innovative addition to their sponsorship of the “All American Rejects” tour. It's interesting that Cingular recognizes how effective this is, but Verizon and Sprint haven't yet.
A Hypertag is a new way of allowing you to access info and content on your mobile phone directly from objects like adverts and signs. It works by allowing infra-red or Bluetooth mobile phones, and PDAs (e.g. Palm Pilots or Pocket PCs) to interact with a small electronic tag which is attached to the advert or sign

Hypertag is fast becoming a globally recognized brand respected for its expertise in interactive mobile marketing.

Bluetooth mobile marketing is good, but it's static and the ads have to be altered(add a tag) in order to be interactive.

As a mobile marketing agency, wouldn't it be nice to say " We can make every ad of yours interactive by connecting to a website, or downloading info, without changing a thing. Are you interested?"

Stay tuned.

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There's that Mobot thing again. SC.