Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BlueBlitz Introduces Event Mobilizer

Every store becomes a mobile marketing tool.

BlueBlitz, a world leader in Bluetooth proximity marketing has announced the launch of a new product. The Event Mobilizer enables any business to send customizable videos, MP3s, barcodes, company information and games to customers.

See the demo

This version of the popular Magic Beamer costs less than 150 USD and can be
run on any regular computer. BlueBlitz solutions empower any business to
offer customers interactive downloadable mobile content within a range of up
to 120 meters/400 ft. The Event Mobilizer is a permission-based system and
works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile

Karl Wendy Jr., PR Manager of BlueBlitz says: "Proximity-marketing and
mobile marketing campaigns have been a limited luxury for a chosen few
companies until now. For the first time in history, BlueBlitz empowers any
business and even single person to market their services or products for
less than 150 USD

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