Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Revolutionary Advertising

A very powerful statement was made by Brian McAndrews, the CEO of aQuantive in the WSJ.

"We believe that the Web site is going to replace the 30-second commercial as the central expression of a brand". I agree.

There are a couple things to consider though.

1. How will you get people to your site. What will be the catalyst and what will be the device (PC, TV or mobile).

2. What will your site have for the consumer.

Advertising is undergoing a major transformation. You can't target a select demographic and hope to get their interest. You have to be creative and offer something in return for their attention.

Advertisers are having a rough time providing brands with creative marketing ideas.

Search engine marketers will be replaced by a much more creative and interactive concept. Do you think a brand should just be dependant on certain keywords?

Push advertising will turn into pull advertising. Getting the consumer to "pull" will be invaluable.

A new kind of marketing specialist will emerge that will offer a brand the ability to connect with a consumer through any medium at any time.

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