Thursday, January 12, 2006


This is a great mobile application for the real estate industry.

According to Real Estate magazine, "Dave Geipel and Mark Ford, of QWASI , are onto big things with newly released SMS/MLS."

The newest tool of the trade for real estate, SMS/MLS is harder to say than it is to use. SMS (short messaging service or text messaging) brings the MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, to the cell phone.

A buyer simply sends a text message and receives property information on his or her
cell phone. SMS/MLS takes the technology one step further by enabling a broker
to provide buyers with access to all listings via a cell phone

Through partnerships with brokerages, the SMS/MLS system allows buyers to access property information on all active listings.

If I was a realtor, you know what I would do with every one of my "For Sale" signs to enhance the real estate shopping experience?


Anonymous said...


You'd probably slap a barcode, RFID, or keyword on to the For Sale sign and link it to a web site that gives virtual tours of the property. You could also have a one click method to conact the owner or realtor while in front of the house.

I would also suspect that you would collect the number of hits to get an idea about the interest the property is generating. You could also collect information about what the person thought of the virual tour.

Did the house seem large enough? Is the price what you thought it should be? How serious are you about buying? Are you looking for a realtor that can find your perfect house? Make it fun. People will follow.


Scott Shaffer said...

Those are some of the apps I am thinking about.

Am I educating people on how big the physical world connection industry will be yet?

Larry said...


Anonymous said...

The industry seems to be moving whether you post on your blog or not. Why do you feel you are making an impact?