Monday, January 23, 2006

Text Message TV

We know the cell phone will be the remote control for your life in the physical world. Notice the morph we are starting to see from the TV remote control to the cell phone as a remote control.

Think of the mobile marketing applications for this.

From TMCNet Blue Frog launches txtv


The first service of its kind in the United States, txtv allows television viewers to send text messages directly to their TV screens. txtv broadcast partners share in messaging revenue. txtv has been successfully tested in several markets, and new partnership announcements are forthcoming.

"As cell phones become the predominant entertainment tool, it's a natural step for text messaging to be broadcast on television," explained Blue Frog Mobile CEO Ron Erickson. "It's the perfect marriage of old school and new school communications -- and the result is a true interactive television experience for the viewer and new revenue opportunities for the broadcaster." (and advertisers).


text to screen said...

That's tough to believe they are the first, I've been using a fantastic product for several years now in my chain of 125 nightclubs. I know these guys have broadcast editions and stadium editions as well. Here's the website

Anonymous said...

I would like to response to text to screen. I would like to interview you about your experience with this technology. Please let me know if you are interested. I'll be back here to see your response. Thank you.

text-to-tv said...

Hey Ann, sure you can contact me anytime! raoul at and I can tell you about it! Xmas and New Years has been big for us incorporating this tech.