Monday, January 23, 2006

Microsoft Sees Value In All Types Of Hyperlinks

Microsoft recognizes the value of a hyperlink, regardless of what screen it's on.

From Electric News Microsoft plans innovation assault

First on the agenda for the centre, dubbed AdLab, is video hyperlinks. Video hyperlink ads allow viewers to interact with the ad, detecting products displayed on a television screen during a TV show or ad. (Why not on a DVD too?)

Consumers can zoom into the products onscreen and click through to detailed product descriptions or get information on where the products can be bought.

More than 50 researchers will work at the facility trying to come up with new ways to reach consumers online, through mobile advertising, with video opportunities and via television ads.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the "one click" approach is just around the
corner. It also looks like this
will be much bigger than
most of us think. What an interesting world we are entering.

Scott Shaffer said...

A hyperlink, of any kind, will be very valuable when it comes to the mobile phone.

It's just a question of where and what the hyperlink will be.