Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Text Message Coupons

From PR Web CouponZap adds text message reminder feature

CouponZap , a text message coupon and alert service, has new features to help businesses remind their customers of upcoming appointments. With a few clicks of a mouse, businesses can schedule text message reminders, promotions and SMS coupons. (It doesn't look like actual barcode coupons they are delivering though)

CouponZap enables businesses of any size to manage their own mobile marketing campaign. Using CouponZap, restaurants, bars and stores can alert their customers of special offers and distribute thousands of trackable coupons instantly.

Businesses can instantly send messages and coupons to their opted-in subscriber base, or schedule later delivery to coincide with happy hours, sales or other special events


Anonymous said...

but is anyone using this???? There are no references at www.couponzap.com.

Sara Henry said...

I don't know either these text coupons are working or not, but Online discount coupons are available in the market to save money on any purchases.