Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Zingy Offers Location Based Services On Sprint

See how Sprint can use this LBS tool for mobile marketing applications?

This will be just one of the applications I will be trying out when I participate as a Sprint Ambassador.

From BusinessWire Zingy delivers LBS to Sprint customers

Zingy Inc ., the leader in mobile media, today announced the first in a series of advanced location-based services utilizing the "Locate Me" feature. MovieGoer, the popular mobile movie guide service, is the first Zingy application to incorporate this feature, allowing customers to more easily find nearby movie theaters and listings with the press of a single button.

Maybe the reason movie attendance keeps diminishing is people can't find the theater:)

"Locate Me" is now available for the first time to Sprint customers on both the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network and Nextel National Network.

Instead of having to manually key in a zip code or address, mobile users' exact locations are determined using cell sector technology. Sprint customers simply opt-in to select the MovieGoer "Locate Me" feature and the service automatically identifies their locations to provide the nearest theaters, movie times and information.

Not just movies, but think of typing in Starbucks, ATM....and the biggie MAPS.

Do you think Sprint will incorporate a mapping service with this?

Think of how Zingy or Sprint could use the queries from this for advertisers.
"Nike, your billboard on 5th and 34th got a bunch of SMS requests for more info. Maybe you should put another sign up closer to your Nike Superstore?"

That saying where advertisers don't know which .50 was well spent, is outdated now.

Want to know what I would recommend to Sprint right now before the Yahoos and Googles introduce it?


Larry said...

Interesting things you have posted the last few days. Looks like people are finally starting to recognize what can happen in the mobil space. Do you feel like the teacher watching their students grow up?

Scott Shaffer said...

It gets frustrating watching these developments being introduced after talking it about it for so long.

There is still so much more to come

Larry said...

Spoken like a true teacher: "You are doing good, but if you just apply yourself you can do so much better."

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work well when you are still driving frantically trying to get to your destination.