Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hardware Players Adopt Bar Code Connection With Phone

I knew this space was too big for Sony and Toshiba to ignore. This is being developed in Japan, but it's just a matter of time before it comes to the States.

Dial-up bar codes let buyers beware

Toshiba Corp. has developed software that lets shoppers use their phones to check the reputations of products on the Internet.

Shoppers only need to use the phone's built-in digital camera to take a photo of the product bar-code label.

Commercial application is expected to begin in fiscal 2006 after further testing at electric appliance retailers and bookstores from February.

When the cellphone camera shoots the bar code, the information is automatically sent to a server, which then searches through blogs, or diary-like Web sites, for reviews.

It is interesting that price comparison isn't the main application, what does this tell you?

A similar service is already being provided by a Sony Corp. affiliate, Zeta Bridge.

Sony's image recognition technology recognizes even vague or crooked camera shots taken in dark restaurants and can make matches with the roughly 3,000 brands Zeta Bridge holds information on

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