Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Google Allows Users To Send Web Pages By SMS

Google's dominance from the PC to the mobile begins. What's next? I expect Google to introduce a "toolbar" application for the mobile.
Proving to Microsoft again, that you don't need to have an operating system to be a dominant force on a computing device. You just have to provide an application that both consumers and advertisers can utilize.

From RCR News Google expands wireless options to SMS

Google Inc. launched a personalized tool bar that allows PC users to share Web pages via text messages.

The tool bar-installed in a desktop computer-includes a "send to" option that can be used to send an excerpt or entire page through e-mails, blogs or text messages. The offering is free except for carrier messaging charges.

The move is the latest effort by the Internet giant to expand its services from the desktop to wireless.

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Anonymous said...

What happens if you send a full page via sms. Lots and lots of sms messages. Not so free then.