Monday, January 09, 2006

Stay Fit With SMS And A Barcode

I said in a prior post that connecting the physical world with a barcode would have more beneficial applications than price comparison.

Tell me if you think this isn't one of them.

From E Heath Mobile download offers healthy options

A new program, which can be downloaded onto mobile phones, allows weight watchers to keep food diaries and find healthy alternatives to food items by typing in part of the product's barcode.

The Nutracheck Mobile program also links to a database containing nutrition information on 30,000 food items and products, and a feature where users can track their weight against a target. It can be downloaded onto compatible mobile phones by reverse-billed SMS.

Users can access Nutracheck's food database by typing in four digits from the barcode of the product. The program then connects to the database and retrieves the fat and calorie content of the item


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