Friday, September 30, 2005

Yahoo Tests Cell Phone Ads

Mobile search analytics will include keywords AND logos.

From Seattle PI Yahoo! is testing cell phone search ads

Yahoo! Inc. is testing ways to show advertisements with Internet search results on mobile phones in Japan and Britain.

The trials mark Yahoo!'s first experiments with search advertising on phones and may provide an avenue to sell more ads to companies seeking to reach younger consumers.

I was talking about mobile keywords earlier today. There will be a new model to gauge keyword traffic on the mobile. There will also be a difference in valuation between an SMS search and a WAP (mobile site) search.

Think of how much data Google/4INFO/Qtags have generated with all of those short code (SMS) queries.

In my opinion, search engines and service providers could open a plethora of revenue opportunities if they allow a keyword to provide more possibilities than just search results.

Google/4INFO/Qtags could generate revenues by selling a direct connect ability for every trademarked word, or image. Search engines could create a mobile keyword division. GoogleTalk or AOL IM could provide a direct connect to the site of choice for keyword owner.

Type YANKEES and get last night's score, video highlights or buy tickets. See how valuable a keyword can be with the right application? Think about the metrics that clicking on brand logos will generate.

There will be a seperate value put on camera phone clicks.

"How many times was our logo clicked on last month?".

Google, did you ever think you could sell Adsense based on logos? Soon you will.

It's about time somebody recognized that mobile search/mobile navigation is an industry in itself and should be measured.


db said... I these compnaies will be able to actually have the "rights" to a keyword/logo, etc to push info through...hmmm...

The Yahoo cell phone ad...can't this become annoying (like pop-ups)...if I want specific info and I get an ad for something, I'd find it annoying...and more so if it takes up say realestate on my display or drain BP on my device...just my opinion...obviously they'd push ads relative to what I may have queried. I can live with that...

Scott Shaffer said...

Yes, the brand "owns" the logo or barcode. Think of it as a website. When an image like a barcode/logo is read like a URL, the browser takes you to where the owner wants you to go.

If George Steinbrenner wants you to go to all he needs to do is "turn-on" the Yankees logo.

Immediately, there are millions of potential hyperlinks in the WORLD that direct a user to that site.

See how powerful that can be?

You won't get "pop-ups at all. Remember YOU clicked on a barcode or logo for inforamtion. So you intiated the interaction.

Brands will have to verify twice that you wish to receive marketing on your cell phone. This is a big thing that FCC is all over.

So next time you see a barcode or a logo in a store, game, airport think of what that could be used for.

This is Phase 2 of the Internet, it will dwarf Phase 1 and the technologies that allow this to happen will be the next Yahoos, eBays, Amazons...and even Google.