Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chinese Airline Industry Does SMS Ticketing

From China Broadcast Book E-tickets through SMS

You no longer need to wait for plane tickets to arrive by post any more. In fact, there doesn't have to be a "ticket" at all. Electronic tickets, also known as e-tickets, now can be as simple as sending a short message with your cellphone.

By sending a text message to 9588, anybody with an ID card and a credit card can be on their way to their chosen flight.

And beginning this year, Huaxun ChinaDotman in collaboration with telecom industry even launched an SMS ticket-booking service. With over 400 million cellphone users in the country as potential consumers, insiders believe the short message e-ticket-booking service will be more popular than internet booking services.

All you need to do is just send a short message writing your departing city, destination and departure date to 9588, and then just follow the instructions sent back to you.

Tickets are paid via credit cards, and you will receive a confirmation code from airlines. It takes just minutes. Then, to board your flight, all you need to do is just show your ID card and the code at the airport

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Tomi T Ahonen said...

Hi Pondering Primate and Readers:

Good posting. Probably your readers were not aware, that this service had existed for years. The first mobile phone based online ticket sales were offered by i-Mode in 2000; SMS based check-in was launched by Finnair in 2001, and the first full service SMS/WAP based ticket sales, check in and boarding pass was introduced by the discount airline Norwegian in 2004.

Tomi Ahonen :-)
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