Monday, March 13, 2006

The NBA Does Mobile On TNT

More TV shows are finding ways to incorporate the mobile into the actual show. The platform will be set for mobile marketing ideas.

Darla Mack found TNT's NBA mobile promo.

Play T-Mobile Courtside Coach! Tune in to NBA games on TNT from February 19 through April 13 and look for the Courtside Coach question posted during the first game of the night on the T-Mobile Halftime Show.

You can sign up to receive the question directly on your phone each week to play. Just text “COACH” to PLAY (7529) and the questions will come to you every Thursday.


Anonymous said...

u can only play if you have t mobile . its very lame and bad way to do this. I predict these types of promotions will be gone soon. only cross carrier will get any traction.

Scott Shaffer said...

I agree on the cross carrier avilability..

How do you explain to your client, "You will only be able to reach T-Mobile customers"?