Friday, March 31, 2006

Gates Sees Physical World Connection

What Bill Gates is referring to is Phase 2 of the Internet.

From Redmond Channel Defining the Digital Decade

Whether addressing college students throughout North America last fall or dazzling the packed Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January, Gates returned to those phrases ("digital lifestyle" and "digital work style") again and again to describe his view of a coming transformation in computing.

Phase 2 is when every physical object have at least one hyperlink, a physical world hyperlink.

An individual's cell-phone camera might provide a constant link to information and functionality from moment to moment: "If you're shopping, you take a picture of a product or a bar code that can be recognized, and your phone can tell you where you might get a better price or [whether] you should buy a different product," he said.

This is How Microsoft Can Beat Google

Or, he continued, if you're traveling and run into a sign in a foreign language, you can use your phone to take a digital photo and transmit the image to a server that, in turn, displays the language translation on the phone.

I just hope the Vista guys aren't working on this project.

Click on Bill to see what Microsoft should do.


Anonymous said...

Reading what Gates has been saying about the "PHASE 2" --"digitial life-style" and "digital work-style" and looking at your links, makes me ponder this question:


Scott Shaffer said...

Kind of makes you ponder, doesn't it? :)

ksbksb said...

If you want to repost my previous posts , you can delete this one. But if not, I will email everyone I know, including posting on the I-hub board about your antics. I know of companies you are invested in that you have an agenda. if you would like to retain credibility repost my posts. If not, I know more about you than you think and I will post all I know--Scott!!

Scott Shaffer said...

I just thought I would keep this comment up for legal reasons.

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