Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Physical World Is Looking For Innovators

This week BusinessWeek has a couple physical world connection nuggets.

From BusinessWeek The bar code learns some new tricks

Japanese startup Content Idea of Asia (CIA) says it has invented a printable bar code that stores bulky data files such as video clips in a space just the size of a postage stamp.

These can be swiped with a cell phone and the contents then viewed on the phon'e small screen.

CIA's PM Code adds color.

Snap a picture with the cell phone's camera, and the codes can activate the handset's Internet service to pull up an advertiser's home page.

That is connecting the physical world with the electronic one.

In a story called Innovation-The view from the top

IBM conducts a survey of CEOs and government leaders every two years to find out what's high on their agendas. This year's topic: innovation.

CEOs and business leaders see all roads lead to innovation.

Here's the kicker.
"with the Internet and the proliferation of semiconductors, you'll end up with trillions of things connected-not just individuals but cars, roads, homes, applicances, health-care data, and pacemakers.

Yes, that is what I have been calling, "Physical World Connection".

Now more than ever, the opportunities are endless for people with Vision

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