Friday, March 31, 2006

Mozes A Killer Mobile App?

I called this the "things my mobile searched in the physical world today".

Justin at MoPocket has a great find about Mozes and their great application.

Imagine if you could keep a record of all of your texts requests as a bookmark/website.

The concept is wonderfully simple.

Text a registered keyword or other information like an ISBN number to the short code 66937 (MOZES) and go about the rest of the day. (My advice: Don't just limit it to keywords and OUTGOING texts)

First off, shortly after sending off the SMS, you will receive one in return with more information if its relevant. But that is not all, when you get to a PC and sign into your Mozes account, your keywords are there. with more information, waiting for you to turn your offline rendezvous into real online experiences and connections.

You can even get the information forwarded to an email account.

Here's my concept and what I think Mozes should do:

Coordinate with Google to sell mobile keywords and turn Mozes into a My-Optin or OptMe type of application. (Yes, I registered those domains a while back as I searched for a partner for this type of mobile application).

Google sells advertisers specific mobile keywords that can be used for text message campaigns.

Think of the advertising Google could place along the side of your Mozes/MyOpt page that correspond with the inquiry.

When a mobile user goes to check "the things I texted today" he can do so much more with his mobile bookmarks.

Make this application a conduit between the physical world and the electronic one using your mobile.

Are you starting to see how valuable this type of application will be? Does it leapfrog the 4INFOs? Did Google already think of this or will they buy it?

Probably the best part of this is that you can text things NOW, and review later (register). This is key.

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