Monday, March 13, 2006

4INFO Delivers Mobile Search To Newspapers

I know I have been talking about 4INFO a lot lately, but right now they are providing the best mobile search applications (IMO) and just landed a major content partnership.

You are starting to see how mobile search gets adopted, and how conusmers will identify with one text messaging service. Gannett, which owns USAToday, is starting to offer mobile search for their other newspapers.

From Post Crescent P-C and 4INFO team up for news

Starting today, The Post-Crescent and 4INFO are teaming up to provide access to real-time information, such as pro sports scores and weather, through free text messages sent to cell phones.

4INFO's service lets a person use a cell phone to send a text-message search to the firm's five-digit number (44636). This free service replies with a personalized answer in seconds.

How long before we see Mobile Words ? Think how newspapers could generate revenues by selling "mobile words". The opportunities are endless.

If I was Rupert Murdoch, I would take a page from the 4INFO playbook and use it quickly. All of his media outlets could use a text message mobile application to promote daily content and advertising. Mobizzo is good, but not an interactive mobile tool.


Anonymous said...

What is new, I thought Google and Yahoo SMS services already do this.. am I misssing something?

Scott Shaffer said...

Are Google and Yahoo tied into a media outlet?

The 4INFO and Gannett partnership creates a mobile search/content engine with numerous newspapers and TV stations.