Thursday, March 23, 2006

OTAir Launches Nationwide Text Message Service

From PR Web OTAir introduces mobile text messaging marketing service

OTAir LLC, a Richmond, VA based mobile marketing and media firm, announced today the introduction of mobile text message marketing products and services for businesses and consumers.

Now available nationwide, OTAir enables consumers to actively engage a company's marketing media to receive an immediate incentive, such as a coupon, or for further information. The SMS or text message responses are trackable by the advertiser in real-time while maintaining mobile user privacy.

Jim Washok and Chris Littleton, co-founders of OTAir, explain their suite of initial services. “TXTmarkTM is our core product that permits customers to actively engage a company’s advertising by using the text messaging feature of their cell phones,” says Washok.

“For example, if a fast food restaurant wants to offer a discount coupon, they simply add their reserved keyword and the OTAir short code to their advertising, instructing prospective customers to ‘Text Burger To 68247 (OTAIR) To Receive A Discount Coupon’ ".

“The interested customer simply sends a text message”, continued Washok, “and within a minute, receives a text message reply that is a coupon. The customer then goes to the restaurant, shows the text message, and receives the displayed discount. It’s that simple.”

For more info text OTAIR to 68247


Anonymous said...

I am confused by pricing for this service. The website shows per month fee, but what about per transaction fees? anyone know? said...

Thank you for visiting Please accept our apologies for the confusion concerning prices.

What you saw was a page that is being tested for the self-service functionality of our Real Estate TXTpak product. It should not have been on the live server and our IT team has been instructed to remove it.

Pricing for our TXTmark product consists of a combination of an initial setup charge, a monthly keyword reservation fee, a monthly dedicated web page fee, and message fees. Our Real Estate TXTpak product is based on flat monthly rates depending on the number of house codes and plan duration desired. Finally, our TXTcast product is flat rate, as well, and is purchased as bulk message packages, as one does with their wireless phone service.

Since we currently offer three different products and are about to launch a fourth, we currently do not publish prices online as the variations and detail may cause unnecessary confusion. We currently offer and are further developing rather comprehensive services that we will bundle depending on a client's needs and to ensure a carefully designed mobile marketing effort is executed.

If you are interested in receiving more pricing detail, please contact us.

Thanks again,
Jim Washok

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see Abu at the counter try to decipher what the text message means....key in what? Scan this whith what...this is completely missing the problem...this service is DOA. said...

Certainly a legitimate concern about coupon redemption at the checkout, but an unfounded pre-judgement about the service.

What you have described, we have already thought of and accounted for in our client presentations and training. This problem occurs even with paper coupon redemption, so the problem is not the coupon or the medium, it's employee education.

Text coupons will likely have a slower adoption rate than many of the other benefits provided by text message marketing, such as just getting more info, or receiving text specials annoucements that do not require redemption. Nonetheless, we believe text coupons have the greatest potential because of the incentive given to the customer. This has been very successful overseas, so it will work here too. Time will certainly tell.

Thanks for the input.

Jim Washok