Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oneupweb Joins Mobile Marketing Association

From PR Web Oneupweb joins Mobile Marketing Association

Oneupweb, the trusted leader in search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM), today announced that it has joined the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

In August the company released the first white paper to speak to marketers about how mobile search would affect them. In the paper, Oneupweb coined the monikers used to describe two types of mobile search users, Need-It-Now Shoppers and Killing-Time Shoppers in its white paper

Get a copy of the white paper. It's a good read.

The two mobile search audiences are either shopping for something they need immediately or they are doing research for a future need during downtime. Mobile audiences falling into the need-it-now group are less likely to be price shopping.

The primary difference between killing-time shoppers and the need-it-now shopper is the longer length of the purchase cycle and the ability to leave their current location. Killing-time shoppers are generally stuck where they are.

This is a good publication, however, it focuses mainly on the commerce aspects of mobile marketing. In my opinion, mobile information will be a much bigger opportunity than mcommerce.


Kim said...

i was interested to hear Matt Cutt's speak at the Search Engine Stratigies Conferance in NYC last week about Mobile Search. With the big players covering the mobile landscape early on it can only a matter of time when mobile websites catch on. One of the low points of of the mobile landscape is the premium charge for the same information free on the net. have started to make waves with there free html based mobile airport guides, i like the idea that mobile information will be free other than the connection charge by the network provider.

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