Thursday, March 16, 2006

How Is A Text Message ShortCode Like A Search Engine?

Notice the shift where brands and mobile marketing agencies are starting to use keywords and short codes as a way to steer traffic via the mobile. The shortcode is the search engine (resolves the query) and the keyword is the specific site.

Text keywords and a shortcode will start to replace the search function (actually navigation) of a mobile browser. No, it's not a direct connect, but it sure beats using a search engine.

Pontiac telling people to Google PONTIAC will change to send a text to 46645 (GOOGL) keyword PONTIAC.

From Webit iTagg offers free access to SMS gateway

Mobile agency iTAGG has launched a developer partner programme, enabling independent mobile developers, brands and marketing agencies to create their own mobile applications and deliver and charge for them through the iTAGG SMS gateway.

For independent developers the programme will enable them to deliver and charge for content and downloads quickly and easily via SMS message rather than relying on consumers to remember urls for WAP sites where content is stored.

For brands and agencies with in-house resources it will afford them the creative and technical freedom to develop the mobile applications they want quickly and cost effectively without the need to employ a dedicated mobile marketing agency.

In my opinion, a couple of popular, useful shortcodes will emerge for mobile search. This is very similar to to what happened with the search engines, there were dozens of them until people got used to using a couple (or they were acquired).

The same thing will happen with shortcodes. There will be numerous shortcodes, but people will gravitate to just a couple that they can remember for specific funtions.

So who will emerge as the shortcode winner ?

By the time the clear shortcode leaders have emerged, they, (or an outsider) will have created an application that allows one click ability when typing in a keyword.

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