Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mobicode And Mobiqa Offer Barcodes VIA SMS

From Creamer Media Barcoded SMS solution on offer

Mobile ticketing and mobile coupon solutions company Mobicode has announced that it will be launching its flagship service into the South African market, which will enable companies to deliver bar-coded tickets, coupons and vouchers to mobile phones through SMS.

Mobicode has signed an agreement with Mobiqa of the UK, the world supplier of mobile barcode solutions (mobi-ticket, mobi-coupons, mobi-rewardcard and mobi-pass) to provide their patented technology in South Africa.

Mobiqa are the world leaders in mobile ticketing and mobile coupon solutions based on the creation, delivery and redemption of barcodes to mobile phones.

Their products are available for SMS or MMS using linear (1D) or 2D barcodes.

Mobiqa’s unique patent-pending Optimiser uses standard, familiar SMS and MMS messaging and optimises the barcode and content for the individual handset and delivery method.

Recently Mobiqa announced that O2 is in talks for a major trial of mobile vouchers.


Anonymous said...

mobile coupons ARE NOT going to be bar codes. I believe everyone is trying to solve the wrong problem. Getting a barcode to a phone was possible 4 years ago. this is not breakthru...the problem occurs with Abu at the counter not getting a barcode to a phone.

Scott Shaffer said...

You mean mobile coupons are not barcodes NOW.

I wouldn't make a statement like" mobile coupons ARE NOT going to be bar codes"

Anonymous said...

I agree. everybody is thinking barcode barcode. its like trying to solve a problem thats in the past. only new thinking will solve this and I dont believe it will have anything to do with barcodes on a phone. It'll come from the payment side cause thats whre the problem is. You shouldnt be so quick to critisize your posters. they were only stating their opinion. and thats just mine.

Scott Shaffer said...

I didn't criticize the poster, I criticized his statement.

To make a blanket statement like "mobile coupons ARE NOT going to be bar codes" was stating a fact about the future.

There are many companies working on this application right now and they do include a barcode.

IMO, in order for this application to get adopted, the standard has to be universal.

Anonymous said...

'What's Abu at the counter'?

Anonymous said...


I would like to know the maximum supported lenght of a linear barcode that
can be sent with only one sms message.