Thursday, March 30, 2006

Google Wi-Fi Patent Faces Challenges

Last week I discussed how Google's patent filing could play a key role in delivering location based ads. I think whoever owns this IP, will play a key role in mobile marketing.

WiFiNet has an interesting story Ggoogle's Wi-Fi patent faces challenges from Wayport

WavePort CEO Dave Vucina, said Wayport’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio in patents were focused on location-based advertising, location-based services, digital certificates (that’s identity confirmed through cryptography), and multiple applications over one Wi-Fi network (virtual networks).

Vucina wouldn’t be pinned down on specifics about how the company might or might not react to Google’s filings, noting that Wayport is in discussions with what he described as very large players that circle around location-based technology.

This conflict will be interesting to see unfold.

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