Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"Top Chef" TV Show Will Offer Interactivity Via SMS

The mobile phone is taking on the role of the remote control for the TV. The creative advertisers will realize this, and implement ways to include the viewer.

From The Futon Critic Bravo kicks off new TV show "Top Chef" with innovative SMS text messaging

Bravo will kick-off the premiere of its new competition reality series "Top Chef" with a unique opportunity for viewers to receive SMS text messages during the show from various characters on-screen, and get an unprecedented close and personal perspective about what various characters are actually thinking throughout the show.

Viewers can sign up to receive the text messages via BravoTV.com or their cell phones (by sending a text message to the shortcode "62288" with the message "TC") and will be able to experience this unprecedented feature that will literally allow viewers to read the thoughts of characters as the story unfolds.

The SMS interaction, which is powered by GoldPocket Wireless ' EMConnect Campaign Manager, will reveal the funny, illuminating, and sometimes snarky comments that certain characters are thinking (but not saying) during the show.

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