Friday, March 03, 2006

Buy Gas Using SMS

You can now buy petrol through a simple SMS-based voucher system.

A person buys a tank of petrol or diesel after registering on the website.

Payment options include cheque, wire transfer, credit card or Pay Pal (an online payment system). Once the payment has cleared, a voucher (including a 10-digit code) is immediately sent via SMS and email to the recipient in Zimbabwe. A copy of the voucher is also sent via SMS and email to the buyer.

The recipient then takes the voucher, together with their ID book, to the designated petrol station in Harare to fill up their car.


Kedar said...

I seriously don't get it. Why would u bring in the systems such as Mobile payments through GPRS or SMS,on a current frictionless process. I can see the ultimate aim or removing wallet need when u have mobile, but unless big bosses permit these systems, NoTHING will happen. At least I think so.

Anonymous said...

Hi I think it's a pretty cool idea - having looked at the site it seems like an easy way of load value into an SMS - from what I know of Zimbabwe it's pretty impossible to buy fuel locally so it's only through foreign currency systems like this one that people can help their relatives back home.