Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Reality Of Text Messaging

Mark Burnett has found a way to place products within a reality TV show without taking the focus away from the show. His creativity will allow mobile marketing to fluorish in his upcoming endeavors.

I would love to provide creative ideas that would make his shows mobile marketing masterpieces.

From Tekrati Reality TV craze fuels text message voting

The reality TV craze sweeping the UK has reached the mobile industry, according to M:Metrics.

"The prevalence of reality television shows such as 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', 'Big Brother' and 'Pop Idol' in the UK is clearly changing mobile phone behaviour," said Paul Goode a senior analyst from M:Metrics.

"TV programmers around the globe have been seeking new ways to engage with their audiences using various interactive platforms, and clearly, the British have chosen to use their mobile phones, turning reality TV into a truly cross-medium interactive event."

Keep your eyes on Mark Burnett. He has 2 of the top reality shows on TV, he's introducing a news channel for the younger audience and he will be introducing a new prime-time game show.

In my opinion, he could be the biggest catalyst for mass adoption of mobile marketing in the States.

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