Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dijji, (Dwango Wireless) Considering Liquidation

What a shame, Dwango could have done so much more with the clients they have. I sent them a couple emails a few months back offering some creative ideas.

There's one company in particular, with some innovation, could be a mobile marketing powerhouse.

From Seattle PI Mobile ring-tone provider considering liquidation

Dijji Corp , the Seattle company, formerly known as Dwango Wireless, said it will not be able to file the report on time because it is "considering near term strategic alternatives, including the potential sale or orderly liquidation and winding up of the company.

Just being in the mobile space isn't enough, you're going to need innovation.


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who knows. That company has been in self destruct mode for the past 12 months. In fact, im sure the circular filed your creative ideas - There was a dark force straight out of lord of the rings trying to destroy anything going on creative, innovative or otherwise at that place.

Sad is right.

Anonymous said...

Forget innovation. How about starting out with some execution. This company is basically a vessel for the enjoyment of the executives, who I might add have never been executives anywhere else. This is what happens when companies allow their execs to hire their friends. We were toast before we even got started.

Anonymous said...

They just layed off most of the company and are trying to fire sale what's left. Stay tuned for the upcoming investor lawsuit.