Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pizza Coupons By Text Message

From CNN Money Text message pizza coupons

More local businesses may try to drum up business by sending ads and discount offers to your cell phone. But will users accept marketing by mobile? They will if it's relevant and convienent.

You know those pizza coupons you find hanging on the doorknob when you get home?

Soon you'll be getting the equivalent on your cell phone, if the plans of mobile marketers come to fruition.

They also allow for targeted marketing. In the Boston area, a number of companies have signed up with MobileLime, a startup that allows consumers to pay for purchases with their cell phones. Users also can opt in to get text messages of special promotions -- including, yes, deals on pizza.

See how easy a small business can implement a mobile marketing campaign.

Raffi Hovagimian, owner of Waltham Pizza, says that more than 100 of his customers have signed up for MobileLime, most of them regulars who order pizza several times a week. When he recently started a 15% discount for MobileLime customers, he sent out text messages to customers, and he says he plans to do more mobile marketing.

Much depends on location and context, says Nihal Mehta, founder and CEO of Ipsh , a mobile-messaging services company that has consulted with clients ranging from Madonna to McDonald's (Research).

As advertisers experiment with the medium, they may find it's more cost-effective to advertise a pizza shop down the street than a luxury car. And text messages have one key advantage over door-hangers: They're infinitely easier to discard.

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