Monday, March 13, 2006

KFC Does Mobile Coupons

I-Wisdom is reporting that Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and SouCou are teaming up to deliver coupons via MMS messages.

KFC (China) has recently installed scanners of MMS messages off your mobile's screen into their stores. You can go to SouCou or wap to search for the coupons and have them sent to your mobile. When you reveal your MMS and scan them through the machine, a tiny coupon will be printed out.

My Chinese is a bit rusty, so I can't tell reading the story if the MMS delivers an actual 1D barcode or a 2d code. Either way, look for more sites and retailers to start offering this application.

Will we start seeing "coupons" as an option on retailer websites? What if Google implements a "coupon" tag on their search menu.

Could we see Pay Per Coupon next?

Will Pam Anderson be opposed to this too?

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