Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Information Society Relies On A 2D Code

An interesting article that explains how society will benefit from the physical world connection. The applications are endless and they are much more useful than price comparison.

From E Finland Towards an Information Society Free from Inhibitions

Accessibility in information society should be seen as an equally important goal as it has been recognized to be in physical surroundings.

Equity between end users and service provider expectations must lean on a realistic and commonly shared business match.

A good example of cellular code reading application is interactive mobile content downloading system UPCODE

UPCODE™ is a revolutionary and interactive mobile content downloading system. Upcode provides mobile phone users the access to the internet simply by pointing their phone. No tapping in www... No remembering web addresses...

Just point and go

Uses of information include stock information listings, Finnish Presidential elections, and their Yellow Pages


Anonymous said...

I do not seem what is so revoluationary with upcode. There are numerous technologies which have been there already for more than 2 years!! For example, shotcode, semacode, QRcode etc. Also upcode only has 15 phones!

Scott Shaffer said...

Revolutionary is defined as... "bring about a political or social revolution, marked by or resulting in radical change"

Focus on "radical change"..How many phones do you see using a 2D code?
How many 2D codes have you seen in the last month, 6 months?

Also not the applications UPCODE is using a 2D code for...not for price comparison.

What major cell phone manufacturer has their headquarters in Finland.