Saturday, March 25, 2006

Visionary Innovations Offers Innovation Through Imagination

Last Fall when I was reading my M.I.T. Technology Review magazine, I saw a story and immediately thought of a business idea, a way to get free advertising on Google.

I gave Pondering Primate readers a tease, a quiz. It was called Do You See What I See?

"I just got this months issue of Technology Review magazine and it has a great story called "Killer Maps" that discusses location-based services using GPS and maps . It discusses how Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are racing to utilize maps for information retrieval.

That part of the story isn't anything new but there was one thing that I saw that made me do a double take. Truly ingenious advertising from a company that I would never expect to come from."

Pondering Primate
I followed up with the answer called Free Advertising On Google

Target painted their logo on the top of their store and it is clearly visible when using Google Earth.

A Pondering Primate Possibility, could owners of buildings use the top of their rooftops and sell advertising?

Would this be a way to get free advertising on Google?

Business 2.0 is reporting in this months issue that Jay Saber, founder of RoofAds in Redwood City, Calif has reported a surge of interest in his company's rooftop advertising products.

This is what Visionary Innovations does.

We provide innovation through imagination. We find numerous ways to capitalize on innovative and disruptive thinking. Pondering can be profitable.

Im glad to see a company prosper from this thinking.

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