Sunday, March 05, 2006

How Are Wireless Providers Like The Chinese Government?

An interesting analogy. What happens when mobile phones will operate without a wireless provider?

From NY Times How much profit is lurking in that cellphone?

IN some ways, wireless is the new China. Both are huge, largely untapped markets for news and entertainment media companies.

Last week, there were announcements of three ventures by media companies looking to insinuate themselves into the hip pockets of teenagers and their elders. All three are part of a deluge of wireless moves and offer glimpses at new ways of both distributing existing products and using big-media power to start new businesses.

As for the China analogy, think about this: A conventional view among American media executives is that if the Chinese government would only allow a truly progressive market for information and ideas (with attendant copyright protections), foreign media companies would flourish.


Anonymous said...

Back Azzwords comes to mind. Laughable strategy because the content and means of production which Big Media, and similarly the SP's walled garden, want to control from the TOP DOWN is really no longer feasible--at least not for long. The micro level communities and blogs that are all interconnecting/interacting ARE the NEW BIG (TRUSTED) MEDIA and NEW BIG (TRUSTED) NETWORK going forward. Think I'll pay $.99 to $?.99 per month for fragmented content being (pushed at me?) offered by a news org or sports org or a movie co? NO WAY! I want it ALL available to me when and where I want/need it--seamlessly!!!! I'll pay a flat fee for wireless broadband access, but that's it. I'll choose when and where I want to go. At times I'll want to "search" and another I'll want to "navigate"--so just give me those options, please. With GPS, given my precise location at any point, you can make an educated guess as to whether I need to search or navigate.

Scott Shaffer said...

Good comments.

I like this "With GPS, given my precise location at any point, you can make an educated guess as to whether I need to search or navigate."

Anonymous said...

Thanks, PP....I would add that to be successfull participants in the mobile space IMO companies need to think more like a "wikipedia" than a "dictator." Give me my little always-with-me "wikipedia" device AND broadband access and I WILL GIVE PERMISSION to advertisers/others to converse with me and build a relationship if/when it suits my needs just like I do with my friends & family & important business contacts. have to be on my "A" list to get my cell phone number, which means YOU are important TO ME. :-)