Thursday, March 30, 2006

BlogLines A Web Must-Have

Don't be turned off by the name, it's not just a blog tool, but one of the best web applications and IT'S FREE.

I have talked about and use this service all the time. There's a story managing bookmarks and news never easier from Chicago Sun Times that does a great job of explaining how useful the Bloglines is. is one of the Four Horsemen of Web services, whether you're accessing it from a desktop, a notebook or a mobile device. It's one of the few services that I don't think I could really get along without.

With a free account on Bloglines, the wretched task of tracking, managing and bookmarking hundreds of sites in my Web browser -- and the likelihood that the bookmark for the site I want to visit is on a different computer -- is completely eradicated. I just type "" into the address bar of any browser on any device in the world, and up comes Bloglines' clean, one-window interface.

To the left: a column listing those hundreds of Web sites, highlighting the ones that have been updated since when I last visited. I click on a site, and a second later the right-hand side of the window shows the new, unread content.

On your phone, its already clean, one-window interface is streamlined even further into an effective one-column display, and those new articles are formatted for maximum small-screen readability

When you set up an account, be sure to get the "Sub To Bloglines" favorite link. Any time you vist a site you want to remember, just click the "Sub To Bloglines" button.

Want to follow a certain company, topic? Just type the phrase in search bar and you can be alerted if any stories mention it.

How do you get started? See that grey box at the right "Sub With Bloglines"..just click it.

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