Friday, March 24, 2006

Mobile Marketing Is Here

This week Verisign acquired m-Qube and now BusinessWeek is highlighting this space, mobile marketing isn't coming, it's here.. Watch for more consolidation.

From Biz Week Now playing on your cell phone

Advertisers are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Will subscribers join them?

Discovery Channel's I Shouldn't Be Alive profiles people who have survived some pretty unusual (and life-threatening) ordeals, from shipwrecks to snowstorms. It's also relying on an unconventional way to hype the show: cell-phone marketing, done by ipsh!

Julie Willis, senior vice-president for marketing at Discovery says "We are getting a lot bolder about mobile marketing," she says. "This is something everybody should be doing."

I wouldn't say that the Discovery Channel targets the key demographic for mobile marketing, but if THEY are saying this, listen.

Mobile ads are highly effective. Last summer, when ipsh incorporated a special SMS code into 50 million McDonald's Big Mac packages (burger fans could dial a special SMS code on their mobiles for a chance to win concert tickets), the fast-food chain attributed a 3% sales increase to the push, Mehta says.

3% increase to McDonalds, what is that worth? What did they spend for that?

ipsh! was acquired by Omnicom last Fall. Who is next on the list ?

It only makes sense for an advertising agency that represent big/lots of brands, or a large content provider, to consider buying a mobile marketing company. You wouldn't see a TV station buy an advertising company would you?

A trickle of mobile-marketing dollars may soon become a flood, transforming the way wireless-service providers and their vendors do business.

There is great value in people/companies that have the creativity of an advertiser, but also understand how mobile marketing works (applications, phone limitations, rules etc).

This creates an enormous opportunity for individuals with Vision


Sin Hang said...

"Advertisers are jumping on the mobile marketing bandwagon. Will subscribers join them?" You DON'T subscribe to mobile marketing, you usually get duped into doing so. Mobile marketing will only work if the industry figures out an effective way to OPT people OUT. If they don't, the industry will have a huge backlash against them - and everyone loses.

Scott Shaffer said...

Most text campaigns I subscribed to make it pretty easy to OPT out.
A simple has "STOP" worked for me.

Maybe you're angry because you aren't winning any of the contests?

That needs to change too. More information/interactive and less prizes.

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