Wednesday, March 29, 2006

MOVO Mobile And Captive Interactive Promote Gillette's Fusion

Gillette offers yet another mobile marketing campaign for their Fusion razor.

Captive Interactive and MOVO introduce Mobile Marketing and Text-to-Screen solution to Spring Break 2006 night clubs in Panama City, FL and South Padre, TX.

MOVO’s hosted mobile application combined with Captive Interactive’s industry leading IMPULSE text-to-screen application creates a provocative and engaging environment that consumer brands can only achieve through mobile interactivity

Sponsored by Gillette, Spring Breakers were able to use their cell phones to text-chat with their friends, win prizes, and engage with others through this medium. The promotion was part of Gillette’s national Venus and Fusion Razor Tour.

Apparently not enough Spring Breakers watch The Apprentice .

The Gilette's Fusion brand manager is trying a bunch of ways, and companies, to promote his brand via mobile marketing.

Which one worked best?


Anonymous said...

Movo is a scumbag Harvey Vangroff Venture with ex-boomerang mobile guys. Stay far far away from.

Anonymous said...

Dan Miller CEO of Movo: "I'd love the writer of the previous comment to reveal his/her indentity so the readers will know that the post was written by a failed entrepreneur".

Anonymous said...

Is this another Glen Field start up venture?

Get your money up front and watch your bank accounts.

GAF Survivors Club

Anonymous said...

Just happened to stumble across this - we got scammed over $10k by Boomerang Mobile for software they never paid for - now I don't feel so bad....

Anonymous said...

No surprises there!...GAF ventures usually end up with with only one person making money...GAF.